Welcome to Seasons in the City!

There are many things to see and do in the city. Most visitors stay for at least a year to make sure they can experience all that it has to offer.

Seasons in the City is a massive world and skin pack for Minecraft. It can be purchased from the 16th of April on the Minecraft Marketplace.

City Districts

The city from above

The city is split up into districts that each have their own style, features, and wildlife. We encourage you as a visitor to explore them to see for yourself how different they are!

Your yacht will be moored in the Business district; it’s the busiest and tallest place in the city with many events and festivals happening throughout the year, and with subway links to the rest of the island it’s the perfect place to be based. Don’t forget to check out the skyscrapers, just watch your step!

Old Town is home to the oldest buildings in the city, and the district park has been there since the island was discovered. You will find all sorts of wildlife there; pigeons, dogs, bees, and all kinds of butterflies have made it their home. Every season the park hosts a unique festival, and you’re welcome to come along! We even have an unmissable egg hunting competition in spring.

Don’t skip out on the Beach district in summer; with its arcade, travelling fun fair, and visiting seals, it’s the happiest spot in town.

You’ll find the city’s rarest wildlife in the mountains to the north of the island, with deer roaming the slopes and cougars hiding in the undergrowth. During spring the white water rafting centre is very popular, and in the winter months there’s a dog sled training centre that’s always looking for help exercising their huskies.

Getting around


The city has community vehicles; if you see one that isn’t being used, feel free to jump in and drive around as much as you like.

For more direct travel between tourist favourites, the subway system is perfect for quick hops. Jump in and out whenever you like, but don’t wait for the trains – they won’t wait for you!


There are a total of twelve trophies to collect; every season has three that you’ll need to collect by completing minigames. Once you’ve got all three, you can continue to the next season by going back to your yacht in the business district and hitting the button on the deck.

Seasonal activities

Spring 01 768x384 1

EggposterEgg Scramble

Come down to the Old Town Park this weekend to join in our super special egg hunt. See how many eggs you and your friends can grab in a limited time!

FlowerposterFlower Frenzy

Work alone or with friends to deliver as many flowers as possible in the North Suburbs, taking parkour shortcuts to find the fastest route.

RaftposterRiver Rafting

Up at Mountainside, the spring melt has raised the river level and a white-water rafting course has been set up. Race through the gates against the clock (or your friends!) to get the best score.

Summer 01 768x384 1

RaceposterSpeed Streets!

The Summer festival of racing, drive round the island and see if you can beat the clock!

BowposterCupid Cruise

Hop aboard the white swan with up to three friends at the Beach Carnival and try to pop all 24 balloons on this shooting gallery ride!

WaterworksposterWater Works

The water purification plant is malfunctioning, AGAIN! Head down to the Industrial Zone and help clear the river by diving underwater and fixing the pipes.

Fall 01 768x384 1

HauntposterHaunted House

Do you dare ring the doorbell of the old house on the hill in the North Suburbs? Can you survive the deadly puzzles in this fiendishly difficult escape room?

TrickposterTrick or Treat

Bring your candy baskets to this street full of tricksters in the West Suburbs. Run and jump with your friends through gardens and alleys to visit as many houses as you can before time runs out!

GliderposterSky Scraping

With the new City Center skyscraper nearing completion, we’re putting on a hang-gliding competition. Soar through the green rings for an easy scenic tour or put your skills to the test for a higher score with the yellow rings.

Winter 01 768x384 1

TGTNN6l7Husky Dash

There’s no stopping the Huskies up at Ridge Lodge! Guide them through the frozen wilderness race course, hitting every checkpoint as quickly as you can for the best score.

WRaceposterSnow Drifting

Come down to the Beach Arcade and race across the frozen river in this on and off-road challenge. Compete with friends, or race for the trophy!

Festival Finale

Finishing off the year, the festive fireworks show will be held on the City River. Can you help them fix the wiring in time? The whole show is relying on you!

Visiting again next year?

Once you have unlocked all the trophies you can travel between seasons as much as you like. We hope you have a great time exploring and finding the many secrets hidden within the city!