Manic Mechanics is the first self-published game from 4J Studios, best known for bringing Minecraft to a worldwide audience of console gamers

4J Studios is excited to throw the covers off Manic Mechanics, an accelerated, mechanically-minded addition to the chaotic couch co-op canon. Crashing onto Nintendo Switch on July 13, this high-octane party game has local and online co-op, and is the first game to be both developed and published by 4J Studios, the team that brought the gaming phenomenon Minecraft to consoles.

In Manic Mechanics, up to four players pull on their overalls and head to the gear-obsessed Octane Isle, looking to make a name for themselves as travelling mechanics. Players challenge the Master Mechanics who rule the island to prove their crew is worthy of joining the mechanics guild.

The aim of the game is to fix as many cars (or trucks, choppers, tractors, mini-subs, UFOs…) as possible before time runs out. This may sound easy, but the faster the mechanics work, the more chaos is unleashed. Intricate mechanical processes are hindered by fuel spills, exploding tyres, short-circuiting robots, stampeding cows and even alien abductions, with hilariously chaotic consequences.

“When we decided to take 4J to the next level by publishing our own games, our aim was to create ‘games for everyone’ – and I don’t think we could have found a better way to start that journey than with Manic Mechanics,” says 4J Studios’ Chairman, Chris van der Kuyl. “Manic Mechanics is great fun in single-player mode, but it really comes to life when you bring your friends and family into the chaos. It’s been a huge hit in the studio for the past few months and I’m excited that we’re now finally able to let other people join in the fun. We can’t wait to see everyone’s reaction to this fantastic start to 4J’s next chapter.”

With five different neighbourhoods on Octane Isle to experience, this won’t be an easy ride. So, grab your toolbelt, round up your friends and see if you have what it takes to become Master Mechanics.