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Skye Tales

The beautiful debut game from Puny Astronaut

Welcome to a world that couldn’t be happier to see you! Puny Astronaut and 4J Studios are delighted to announce the launch of Skye Tales, a gentle puzzle-adventure game designed with mindfulness and accessibility at its core. Appealing to players of all ages, Skye Tales offers parents and children an alternative experience from more demanding and frenetic games and allows them to explore the magic of mindfulness.


Family, Puzzle, Relaxing


PEGI 3 / E for Everyone


Nintendo Switch

The Game

Discover the valleys of Brinn and lend a hand to the townsfolk by interacting with a rainbow of tactile toys, instruments, and puzzles as Skye the friendly dragon. Relaxation and playfulness are at the heart of this whimsical game where players are encouraged to take their time and enjoy the sights, sounds, and sensations of the world around them.

Explore high and low at your own pace

Glide through enchanting landscapes; interact with a cast of colourful characters, making plenty of fuzzy animal friends along the way; and unlock adorable accessories to make Skye the best-dressed dragon in Brinn.

A wonderful entry to gaming

Cian Roche, Managing Director of Puny Astronaut, said: “Skye Tales is the perfect introduction to gaming for children and adults. There are still so many would-be players out there who just need a welcoming game with a lower barrier of entry and plenty of parents worry about the effects of overstimulation when it comes to traditional children’s games. Skye Tales takes a gentler and more sensory approach to gaming, focusing on the journey just as much as the destination.

Solve gentle puzzles

Play at your own pace, relax and enjoy a rainbow of sights, sounds and sensations of Brinn as you help your neighbours by solving engaging puzzles.

Puny Astronaut

When designing the game, the Puny Astronaut team was keen to ensure gamers of all abilities could experience the magic of Skye Tales. The studio worked closely with accessibility charity, Able Gamers, throughout the game’s development to gather feedback and implement a whole host of accessibility features for the game, such as alternate control schemes and the ability to adjust colours and fonts for increased visibility and readability.