Manic Mechanics

Get Set for a Feast of Mechanical Mayhem!

It’s time to dust off your overalls and hitch on your toolbelt in Manic Mechanics – a chaotic party game where you and up to three fellow grease monkeys serve the car-obsessed residents of Octane Isle.


Party/Multiplayer (local and online)


PEGI 3 / E Everyone


Nintendo Switch/PlayStation/Xbox/PC (Steam)

Your Mission:

Work your way through Octane Isle’s six neighbourhoods, challenging the Master Mechanics that rule each part of town. Repair as many cars, trucks, choppers, tractors, mini-subs (and even UFOs) as possible to prove your worth in this hectic race against the clock. ​

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

No two games are the same as you work your way through 30 unique garage levels, each one more challenging than the last. Completing a garage is one thing but mastering it and beating your team’s best score requires coordination, skill, and maybe just a bit of luck! ​

Under Pressure!

The faster you work, the more chaos is unleashed. Fuel spills ignite, tyres explode, robots short-circuit, cows stampede and aliens abduct… just about anything can happen in Octane Isle!​

King of the Road

Unlock new characters and discover hidden secrets as you explore Octane Isle’s six neighbourhoods on your quest to become a Manic Mechanic!